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New principle for B&C Group investment strategy

On Monday, 15 April 2024, the B&C Group held a press conference with business journalists in Vienna to discuss the general economic situation and its impact on B&C and its investment portfolio.

The B&C Group outlined its intention to take a more flexible approach to its current strict policy of holding participations of at least 50% plus one share in its core investments, provided that it is deemed appropriate for the further development of the company – always with the view of enhancing its long-term competitiveness. This provides the B&C Group with the ability to deviate from its previous guiding principle of holding a shareholding of at least 50% plus one share in order to support the further strategic development and growth of any of the companies in its core portfolio. This means that B&C Group will continue to remain a core shareholder with a higher or lower stake as appropriate.

The B&C Group expressly emphasises that it, irrespective of the exact amount of its shareholding, remains fully committed to its position as a core shareholder in AMAG Austria Metall AG, Lenzing AG, and Semperit AG Holding, and will continue to fully exercise its role as a core shareholder. There are no plans for a complete disposal of any of its core shareholdings.