Reconciling Business Success with
Environmental and Social Responsibility

Thinking sustainably, acting responsibly

The B&C Group holds majority stakes in the listed Austrian industrial companies AMAG Austria Metall AG, Lenzing AG and Semperit AG Holding, and holds minority stakes in a number of technology growth companies. Through funding activities, particularly in the areas of research and education, the B&C Private Foundation participates actively in forstering Austrian entrepreneurship. B&C considers sustainability to be a decisive factor for maintaining and increasing the value of its portfolio and for addressing major ecological and social challenges.


B&C´s approach to sustainability

B&C considers sustainability as both a means and an objective in terms of reconciling commercial success with environmental and social responsibility over the long term. Applicable international and national regulations form the framework for B&C's sustainability management activities, in particular the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the European Green Deal, as well as the guidelines and orders stemming from them. The three pillars of ESG, environment, social and good governance, represent a key measure for B&C when it comes to assessing companies’ sustainability performance.

B&C´s role as an owner and investor

B&C is convinced that maintaining the performance and competitiveness of Austria and Europe as a business location is the only way to ensure lasting prosperity and social cohesion along the road to realising global sustainability targets over the longer term. The transition towards a competitive, resource-efficient and climate-neutral economy requires prudent and long-term innovation and investment activities. B&C supports its portfolio companies, as a stable partner, on their path into a more sustainable future.

Sustainable portfolio development

To create added value for the B&C Group and its stakeholders, the long-term development of the B&C portfolio requires a balanced consideration of financial, environmental, social and technological aspects. B&C is committed to reducing greenhouse gas and to supporting its portfolio companies on their path towards climate neutrality within the limits of their respective opportunities. B&C also provides venture capital for innovative growth companies that offer added value to the industry. ESG and SDGs are considered both in active investment management measures.

Responsible corporate governance

In B&C's view, responsible corporate governance that creates long-term value is in the interests of all stakeholders. This involves implementing governance, risk and compliance regulations to ensure responsible conduct in business operations, and to safeguard fair and respectful treatment of B&C employees and careful environmental management in its own operations. B&C has implemented a sustainability strategy at the holding company level to make sure that sustainability is firmly enshrined in the day-to-day work.

Social commitment

Through its commitment to social practices, B&C supports Austria’s positive development as a location for business and industry. B&C’s fostering activities include fundings of research and science through the award of the Houska Prize, financial and economic literacy through the MEGA Foundation for Education, innovation and location research through the eXplore! initiative, and law and economics with a focus on capital markets and corporate law, as well as research into new technologies by funding university programs, e.g. endowed professorship and PhD program.

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Florian Heiler