AWAKE Mobility

Vehicle analytics of busses with artificial intelligence

Investment BCII: 2022

Main area: Artificial Intelligence, IoT/ML, predictive  maintenance, digitalization of public transport

Headquarter: Munich, Germany

AWAKE Mobility is a Munich-based technology company specialising in vehicle monitoring and bus analytics for the public transport sector. Its diagnostic hardware reads vehicle data remotely and transmits it to the AWAKE mobility platform, where it is processed via automated artificial interlligence-based analytic tools. The derived maintenance recommendations help all areas of a bus company – the repair workshop, control centre, drivers and management – to achieve the goal of optimising bus availability and resource planning. AWAKE Mobility was founded by Houssem Braham (CTO), Daniel Sattel (COO) und Daniel Tyoschitz (CEO) in October 2020. It aims to improve the reliability and attractiveness of public transport by harnessing digital solutions.

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