Winners in the Higher Education category
Quantum Optimization
1 Prize
Project: Quantum Optimization
Institution: University of Innsbruck
Project lead: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lechner
Hochintegriertes Indium-Ionentriebwerk für kleinere Raumfahrzeuge
2 Prize
Project: Highly integrated indium ion propulsion system for small spacecraft
Institution: University of Applies Science Wiener Neustadt
Project lead: Mag. Bernhard Seifert, BSc
DISRUPT 3D - Hochauflösender 3D-Druck für Industrielle Anwendungen
3 Prize
Project: 3d Audience Prize: ISRUPT 3D – high-resolution 3D printing for industrial applications
Institution: TU Wien
Project lead: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Aleksandr Ovsianikov
Winners in the Research & Development in SMEs category
1 Prize
Project: 1st Prize: Airskin Blue Danube
Company: Robotics GmbH
Project lead: Dr. Michael Zillich
Hot Lithography
2 Prize
Project: 2nd Prize: Hot Lithography
Company: Cubicure GmbH
Project lead: Dr. Christian Gorsche
Shark Screw
3 Prize
Project: 3rd Audience Prize: Shark Screw – medical screws from human donor bones
Company: surgebright GmbH
Project lead: Lukas Pastl, MA

Houska Prize Winners Club

Networking platform for prize winners

Deepening ties and expanding the level of cooperation between universities and private research facilities is one of the B&C Private Foundation’s core goals. And to help achieve this over the long term, B&C set up the Houska Prize Winners Club in 2018. The aim is to promote exchange between business, science and research that goes beyond the annual Houska Prize award ceremony. All of the project owners and academics to have won the Houska Prize to date are members of an exclusive group of leading Austrian researchers.