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The B&C Industrieholding


Wholly-owned by the B&C Private Foundation, B&C Industrieholding GmbH (BCIH) operates as the management company entrusted with managing and fostering the continuous development of the major Austrian industrial companies of the B&C Group. The B&C Group holds majority stakes in AMAG Austria Metall AG, Lenzing AG and Semperit AG Holding through its holding companies in line with long-term strategic considerations.

The B&C Group aims to ensure that these companies’ research centers and headquarters permanently remain in Austria. This clearly distinguishes the B&C Group from other investors pursuing short-term investment policies with a scheduled exit. Instead, B&C actively supports its core investments’ long-term and major projects, particularly those designed to promote expansion in global markets. We consider sustainability as a decisive factor for maintaining and increasing the value of the core investments and for meeting major ecological and social challenges. This approach allows the B&C Group to significantly and comprehensively contribute to the long-term success of its core investments and, in turn, promoting Austria as a business location.

Schur Flexibles
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B&C acquires Schur Flexibles Holding - nicht sichtbar

One of Europe’s leading packaging specialists now with Austrian owner B&C

The B&C Group has acquired an 80% share in the international packaging company Schur Flexibles Holding GmbH. The remaining 20% will be retained by the current owner, US private equity company Lindsay Goldberg. The B&C Group prevailed against several prospective buyers, and its investment means that Schur Flexibles, an international packaging specialist based in Wiener Neudorf in Lower Austria, will have an Austrian majority owner going forward. This also ensures that the company headquarters will stay in Austria.

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